Special research program (SRP) is one of the major three research programs at the ARI-Uyole, and is the second largest after Crops research Program. It is particularly called so, because of the cross cutting nature of types of research mandated to it. The Program has got five research sub-programs as listed below:

Our core objective is to research and disseminate to various stakeholders, including extension, farmers and policy makers, on appropriate soils, agriculture mechanization and food processing technologies for sustainable development in the southern highlands zone of Tanzania. Hence, the following Objectives:

  • Research and dissemination of appropriate technologies for sustainable management of natural resources
  • Research and dissemination of sustainable soil and water management practices
  • Research and dissemination of appropriate mechanized farming technologies.
  • Research and dissemination of crops pre-harvest, post harvest management processing and value addition technologies.


Based on above projects carried out in five years span, the following technologies, knowledge and information were developed and/or adapted, which are recommended for improved natural resources management in agricultural production by the special program:

  • One soil management technology developed:  cross-ridge tillage system for soil, water and nutrients management on farms. 
  • Soil management information generated: (1) soil testing information generated advice for appropriate fertilizer blending practices at farm level in absence of appropriate multi-nutrient fertilizers; (2) appropriate fertilizer use recommendations generated for the districts farms from commissioned soil research.
  • Mushroom species and suitable substrates for production identified: four species of mushroom and suitable substrates for mushroom production at farm level identified for socio-ecological conditions. 
  • Agro-forestry technologies developed and adapted: Improved planted fallows of Cajanus-cajan, Tephrosia vogelii, and Tithonia diversifolia
  • Natural resources management knowledge and policy inform generated: Special research program has generated new knowledge on nature of social conflicts, climate change and resources degradation, impacts of degradations and policy recommendations for sustainable resources management through appropriate meetings, proceedings, book chapters, newsletters and academic scientific journals.  
  • Community natural resource management education provided: the special research program has been organizing farmer field days, community-led demonstrations of land and water management techniques,  numerous booklets and leaflets in soil and water management, agro-forestry, food processing, mushroom cultivation,  cover crops and animal harnesses prepared and disseminated to the community in agricultural shows and during the field days.   

Services provision

  • The soil & plant analytical laboratory tests about 1,000 soil samples per annum for various clients for research and development purposes.  
  • Agro-forestry sub-program sustainably supplied annually over 40,000 of various species of tree seedlings to communities for soil fertility enhancements, fodder, ornaments, re-forestation of landscape and for plantation forestry towards mitigation of climate change and enhanced supply of wood products.   


Zonal Director (Southern Highlands)
Uyole Agricultural Research Institute,
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e-mail:  zdrd@ariuyole.go.tz 
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To be zonal centre of excellence, for sustainable provision of services in agricultural research and knowledge of appropriate technologies and information services for farmers and other stakeholders